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Sarah’s Last Wish – Written by Eve Hillary

This book is a chilling glimpse into the dark side of health care written by Eve Hillary
The true story of a brave young girl claiming her right to live and die with dignity.
Her last wish is already changing the system.



Lorraine Long founded the Medical Error Action Group

(MEAG) in August 1996, after a two-year battle to uncover the circumstances of her mother June’s death at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. Compounding the shock of June’s sudden, needless death were the cover-ups, hostility from hospital administrators and evidence that hospital lawyers tried to intimidate doctors from giving evidence at an inquest. After two years the State Coroner of Victoria Graeme Johnstone found that Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital contributed to June Long’s death. He observed, ‘Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the lessons learnt by similar internal review processes are generally recorded and distributed throughout the hospital/medical system.’ And … ‘it is essential that all serious incidents involving iatrogenic injury/death be internally examined at hospital level.’ June’s death is formally defined as iatrogenic, that is: caused by medical therapy, especially of complications from treatment. Estimates tell us that between 18,000 and 54,000 Australians are killed by health care each year. (Nobody keeps accurate figures!)

Medical Error Action Group



Aged Persons: their right to respect and choice when accessing health services

By Adriana Volona and Paula Volona

A recent experience of watching an elderly family member die from dehydration and malnutrition because he was assumed by health professionals to be in his last stage of dying has left the grieving family asking lots of questions about ethical practice in the hospital and aged care sector. Further, preliminary research indicates that this experience is by no means an isolated case. There are multiple recent reports from both government and non-government bodies that aim to address the tension between patient-focused care and restricted resources to meet elderly and dying patients’ needs.

Scope and Purpose

This paper is a reflective response to a personal experience of watching my father dehydrate and starve to death over a period of fourteen days without neither timely nor appropriate assessment for alternative options to meeting the basic needs of being fed and hydrated in the home setting.

This paper is also a response to the many narratives/accounts/anecdotes from others – including health care professionals who have had similar experiences with their elderly parents accessing health services and who were also denied the dignity of proper medical assessments and the opportunity to make informed choices about their health care plans.

By Adriana and Paula Volona

Adriana Volona has Bachelor of Arts (hons),

Bachelor of Theology,

Masters in Social Science (counselling)

Bachelor in Social WorkPlease find link PDF to the paper written below:

Aged Persons – Their Rights PDF



John Hatton was elected to the NSW State Parliament in 1973.  He was an Independent MP for 22 years and retired in 1995. He held the balance of power in NSW Parliament and, with two other Independents, pioneered the Charter of Reform to improve accountability of the Parliament, the legal system and key areas of government administration. He has many achievements fighting corruption but he is mainly remembered for successfully moving for a Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service in May 1994 and the outcome of that is history. John is re standing for Parliament as an Independent in the NSW State Election March 2011.  The tireless anti corruption fighter from the South Coast intends to return to Parliament and initiate long overdue reform.


The MCS Global Recognition Campaign is aimed at raising awareness and providing information and education of the disastrous human and environmental health consequences resulting from global chemical pollution.

We aim to gain respect and recognition for all chemically induced illnesses & diseases, to dramatically reduce societies’ reliance upon tens of thousands of dangerous chemicals and in so doing, reduce the number of people who are harmed or disabled by chemical exposures, making this world a safer place for all.

Diana Buckland – Fluoride Information Australia



A very comprehensive website aimed at preventing sickness. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% percent of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs. Preventable illness accounts for eight of the nine leading categories of death.

What are we doing about it?



“Carers United” are totally Independent and run by Carers for Carers. They are daring to expose the truth about Britain’s sub-standard profit motivated care system.   Torner, Colin and Chris started . They can speak from personal experience. Their insight into the deliberate running down and privatisation of the care system cuts through the hype and gets to the root of the problems. Thanks to whistleblowers they are able to report on a wide range of topics that are hidden from or deliberately misinterpreted by the mainstream media.